Open Source and Observability

Introducing the panel: Milin and Naresh For the third session, we had Milin Desai (CEO, Sentry) discuss Observability, Monitoring, and Open Source with the community. Milin currently serves as the CEO of Sentry. He joined Sentry from VMware, where he was responsible for VMware’s cloud strategy, the company’s transition to SaaS, and expanding the portfolio with solutions … Read more

An Indian Entrepreneur’s Journey of Building Open Source Software (OSS)

Introducing the panel: Rushabh and Manisha To begin with, we had Rushabh Mehta share his journey and learnings from building Frappe and ERPNext, World’s Leading Open Source ERP. As the Founder, CEO, Author, and Lead Contributor of the project, Rushabh has built out a world-class engineering team that has over a decade worth of experience in building products and frameworks. … Read more

Balancing Engineering vs Business

Build the bridge It’s a source of friction and frustration in fast-moving companies across the world. Engineering and business have their own ambitions and their own road map. Often these two cross paths and then diverge, like rail tracks. And just like those tracks, the two always run parallel to each other. Their ultimate goal … Read more

Lessons from building an OSS business

Introducing the panel: Anoop & Joydeep To kick things off, we had Anoop Dawar share his learnings on building an open-source business on April 2nd, 2022. Anoop most recently led product management at GitLab ($GTLB). Over the last 11 years, Anoop has led product teams at ($GTLB, HIVE (Acq by $EXTR), and MapR (Acq by $HPE)). During … Read more

Magic Of Open Source 🎩

How do you build an Open Source business? 🚀 Open source businesses have been operating out of the mainstream. And RedHat has been the most popular example of a large open-source business with scale. But most people not plugged into the world run out of names fairly quickly. However, a large part of the internet … Read more

Pillars of Creation: Devtools 🏛

Scaling a Devtools startup 🚀 Developer tools have not been as hot as they should have been over the past few years. The general impression has been that it has been difficult to clock revenue or the chances of making an exit are lower. Typically, devtools was a difficult sector to scale because developers often don’t want … Read more